Murano’s Glass Jewelry: All in the Family

Murano glass jewelry, and bead work in particular, can be art in its own right, and often overlooked for vases, chandeliers and other larger pieces.  Beads have a long history  in Murano, being  one of the earliest creations and used for barter throughout the Mediterranean in the days of Marco Polo.  The NY Times wrote the aforementioned article in May this year; one line stood out to me in particular, a quote from one of the owners of Costantini glass beads:

“We wanted to use these beads because we wanted to honor the old tradition but give it a new vision.”

Murnao as a island and industry has many challenges, but I thought this was good advice for bridging Murano’s  rich history while meeting the needs of modern marketplace, where tastes have changed greatly since the 1950’s.

Murano’s Glass Jewelry: All in the Family

Costantini Glass Beads

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