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Large Round Silver Pill Box
Murano Wine Stopper
Murrine Cuff Links
Murano Glass Embracing Lovers
Standing Asian Figurine
Kneeling Asian Figurine
Murano Glass Sailboat
Siena Bracelet
Amber and Green Daisy Beaded Bracelet
Amore Heart Bracelet
Firenze Silver Bracelet
Firenze Gold Bracelet
Translucent Murano Bracelet
Avventurine Swirl Bracelet
Lattimo Beaded Bracelet
Floral Clusters Bracelet
Silver Foil Bead Earrings
Gold Foil Cube Earrings
Silver Foil Cube Earrings
Gold Foil Bead Earrings
Small Polar Bear
Murano Glass Seal
Large Polar Bear
Murano Glass Snail
Murano Glass Fish
Murano Glass Dove
Black Swirl Penguin
Mini Fish in a Bag
Black Swirl Sparrow
Multicolor Seal
Black Swirl Duck
Elegant Swan
Black Swirl Elephant
Black Whimsical Seal
Black and White Silver Pendants - 32mm
Black and White Silver Pendants - 25mm
Green with Envy Silver Pendants - 25mm
Sunset in Venice Silver Pendants - 25mm
Mediterranean Sea Silver Pendants - 25mm
Pretty in Pink Silver Pendants - 25mm
Sunset in Venice Gold Pendants - 25mm
Pretty in Pink Gold Pendants - 25mm
Green with Envy Gold Pendants - 25mm
Green with Envy Silver Pendants - 32mm
Mediterranean Sea Gold Pendants - 25mm
Sunset in Venice Silver Pendants - 32mm
Mediterranean Sea Silver Pendants - 32mm
Pretty in Pink Silver Pendants - 32mm
Valentina Heart Necklace
Square Silver Foil Confetti Pendant
Square Gold Foil Confetti Pendant
Large Silver Foil Confetti Necklace
Venetian Sunshine Bracelet
Venetian Sea Necklace
Petite Teardrop Millefiori Pendant
Daisy Heart Pendant
Gold Foil Millefiori Pendants
Petite Venetian Millefiori Hearts
Sterling Silver Chain
Colorful Millefiori Heart Pendant
Millefiori Silver Cross
Serendipity Necklace
Round Millefiori Pendant
Mediterranean Beaded Necklace
Daisy Diamond Pendant
Daisy Leaf Pendant
Jewel Toned Twisted Leaves Foil Necklace
Multi-strand Mediterranean Necklace
Rectangle Silver Foil Confetti Pendant
Millefiori Starfish Pendant
Open Heart Pendant
Venetian Millefiori Crosses
Gold Foil Heart Pendants
Cylinder Foil Bead Necklace
Peacock Murano Glass Bead Necklace
Half Circle Millefiori Pendants
Opaque Rose Beaded Necklace
Dazzling Art Glass Necklace
Capri Patterned Heart Necklace
Amore Heart Pendants
Milano Necklace
Salerno Patterned Necklace
Salerno Necklace
Frost Choker
Filigrana Heart Pendants
Petite Foil Heart Pendant
Teardrop Swirl Foil Pendant
Capri Heart Necklace
Avventurina Beaded Necklace
Primary Color Millefiori Paperweight
Red, White and Blue Flowers Paperweight
Millefiori Daisy Paperweight
Red Paths of Flowers Paperweight
Mosaic Paperweight
Millefiori Galore Paperweight
Butterflies Flying through Daisies & Lavender Flowers
Millefiori Bouquet Paperweight
Cinque Murrine Pendant
Diamond Millefiori Pendant
Cinque Millefiori Pendant
Heart of Venice Ring
Striped Pitchers
Festive Canne Dessert Plates
Delicate Filigrana Bowls
Lustrous Murrina Vase
Aqua and Green Ca'd'Oro Vase
Elegant Raspberry Murano Glass Vase
Limited Edition Sommerso "V-Neck" Vase
Elegant Aqua Murano Glass Vase
Elegant Magenta Murano Glass Vase
Mélange Spoonrest
Tuscan Harvest Utensil Holder
Sicilian Sole Large Round Plate
Sicilian Sole Oil and Vinegar
Sicilian Sole Salt and Pepper Set
Green Small Bowl
Green Oval Plate
Lavender Small Bowl
Terracotta Small Bowl
Terracotta Oval Plate
Blooming Geometrico Plate
Geometrico Peacock Plate
Intricate Geometrico Plate
Piccole Geometrico Plate
Geometrico Rosso Creamer
Geometrico Farfalle Deruta Bowl
Geometrico Farfalle Deruta Creamer
Geometrico Rosso Salt & Pepper Set
Geometrico Fiore Deruta Bowl
Geometrico Oil and Vinegar Set
Geometrico Salt and Pepper Set
Small Geometrico Bowl
Raffaellesco Salt and Pepper Set
Raffaellesco Tray
Raffaellesco Piccole Tray
Raffaellesco Oil and Vinegar
Raffaellesco Spoonrest
Raffaellesco Utensil Holder
Raffaellesco Piccole Creamer
Raffaellesco Creamer
Raffaellesco Grated Cheese Set
Raffaellesco Bowl
Ricco Pitcher
Ricco Mug
Ricco Serving Plate
Ricco Platter
Ricco Grated Cheese Set
Ricco Creamer
Ricco Bowl
Ricco Oil and Vinegar
Ricco Spoonrest
Ricco Square Plate
Large Geometrico Bowl
Tall Lustrous Murrina Vase
Sparking Sparrow
Murano Tropical Fish
Black Swirl Tropical Fish
Exotic Angelfish
Black & White Square Accent Plate
Multicolor Square Accent Plate
Paprika & Gold Square Accent Plate
Cobalt and Yellow Peacock Accent Plate
Blooming Sunflowers Accent Plate
Cobalt & Aqua Peacock Plate
Capri Bicolore Heart Necklace
Teardrop Millefiori Pendant
Gilded Calla Lily Necklace
Pale Blue Calla Lily Necklace
Murano Starfish Necklace
Large Gold Foil Confetti Necklace
Geometrico Silver Foil Necklace
Millefiori Heart Pendant
Millefiori Teardrop Pendant
Venetian Millefiori Hearts
Shades of Blue Gold Pendants- 25mm
Shades of Blue Silver Pendants - 25mm
Shades of Blue Silver Pendants - 32mm
Black and White Gold Pendants - 25mm
Blue Daisy Beaded Bracelet
Jewel Toned Square Bracelet
Sea of Daisies Millefiori Accent Plate
White Filigrana Swirl Paperweight
Magenta Millefiori Bouquet Paperweight
Daisy Inferno Paperweight
Copper Swirl Paperweight
Millefiori Melange Paperweight
Posidonia Murano Paperweight
Stizador Murano Paperweight
Ethereal Murano Paperweight
Pastel Patchwork Millefiori Accent Plate
Colorful Lime Green Millefiori Accent Plate
Aqua Green Peacock Accent Plate
Black and White Millefiori Accent Plate
Periwinkle Sunshine Millefiori Accent Plate
Aqua Millefiori Bouquet Paperweight
Lavender Peacock Accent Plate
Piccolo Fish in a Bag
Cristallo Fluted Vase
Aqua & Green Round Vase
Murano Sommerso "V-Neck" Vase
Ca'd'Oro Sailboat

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