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Old 06-16-2006, 05:39 PM
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Default Bluish green Vase

Hi, I bought this vase a few months ago. I was told that it is Seguso in the Sommerso style. It has a couple labels on it. Can anyone give me some history and maybe a value on it. It is about 9 inches tall and VERY heavy
Thanks, Mary Jo
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Old 06-17-2006, 05:11 PM
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Default Camer Label


This info was posted by paradisetrader:

Camer Glass Company was founded in the 1950's by George and Paul Camerino. They commissioned creations from the best artisans and factories in Murano Italy. They produced very popular Venetian Glass Lamps in the late 50's, throughout the 1960's, ending in the early 1970's.

About the technique, I'm not sure if your vase is a sommerso. It seems more like cristallo to me. See the technique descriptio at

CRISTALLO/CRISTALLINO. Venetian glass is a very clear and pure colourless glass.

SOMMERSO. Artistic glass covered by another layer of glass by superimposing two or more colours immersing the object in various pots of molten glass.. The first "Sunk Glasses" were produced in Murano during the second half of the Thirties to became very popular in the Fifties. Oten this tecnique is used to produce murano glass vases and artistic sculptures.

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Old 06-17-2006, 06:07 PM
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Default Barbini?

There are three vases very similar to this on page 28 of Pina's Italian Glass Century 20. They are by Barbini. One has the Camer label. Pina's caption describes the vases as ribbed sommerso. They have a different color, but look much the same in form, so your vase may be a Barbini. Pina gives the value of a 5" vase as $100-200 and the value of the two 8" vases as $200-300. As mentioned, they are different so the value may not be the same. This may give you some idea of their value.

Hope this helps,

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barbini, camer glass, murano label, sommerso, vase

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