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    I was wondering if someone could please give me some info on Murano KB labels. I tried to do a search for this on the Fossilfly website but if you type in "KB" it doesn't find anything for some reason and if you type "KB label" it will bring up anything with the word "label".

    I'd like to know the following if possible - approximate dates KB labels were used, general value of items with these labels compared to other Murano labels, and I guess any other info that would be helpful such as artists whose work is often under these labels or regions where this was generally done. Also, the KB label is one of the only Murano labels not shown in the Murano label library (although the similar VM label is shown). Anyone know why? Thanks.

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    cindy, KB is the Koscherak Brothers. They are a New York company that imported a lot of Murano glass. They imported from many companies, so you have to have other information to attribute who actually did the work. When it comes to millefiori pieces, they imported good millefiori from Fratelli Toso and a few others. They also imported much lower quality millefiori from companies I've not been able to identify.

    KB imported a large amount of Murano glass 1960-70s. They probably imported a good bit before and after this, too, but I don't know the years. I've also wondered about what dates the different labels were used. I've seen 2-3 types of KB labels, but don't have any information on the years.

    KB imported Murano glass that could be bought by common people. I don't know which stores they supplied. It would be interesting to find out.

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