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Thread: A Murano?

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    Default A Murano?

    Hi Murano Glass Experts,

    I have what I believe to be a Murano Glass Bowl, but it has no markings or label on it. It is a 7.25 inch across by 3.5 inch high deep ruffled blue/green petal bowl with clearer glass on the outside and petal folds, gold and silver inclusions and a finely composed pattern of bubbles.

    My mother bought it many years ago and I donít know where she got it, and Iím about to put into a case I rent at an antique store in downtown San Diego. The simple truth is I donít want to rip someone off by claiming it to be what it is not, and I donít want to rip myself off by calling it less than it might truly be.

    Iíve included some quick pics of it. I understand you might not be able to tell me anything for sure without seeing the actual piece, but could you give me an intuitive guess as to what it is. Regardless, it is an amazing work of art and I will be wanting to price it accordingly.

    Anything you might tell me would be helpful.

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    Yes, it does look like a Murano glass ashtray. I don't know who made most of the ashtrays, so I can't help with the company. It looks like a nicely made one.


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