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Thread: Mandruzzato Sommerso Vase With Label?

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    Default Mandruzzato Sommerso Vase With Label?

    Hello All!

    I've just acquired this vase from a local estate, the lady I purchased it from said it was a wedding gift in 1966. I believe it's Mandruzzato, I can't seem to find the label pictured. Any input greatly appreciated.
    The vase is just under 12" high, 3" by 3", and weighs 3 kilos.
    TIA, Danny
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    Hi. The Mandruzzato attribution sounds right to me. Bucella Cristalli also made similar vases as well.

    Here's a link to a Mandruzzato label, and heres a more recent, similar vase (only partial) with a Bucella Cristalli label from the label library in my signature.

    The label looks generic to me. I can't imagine that there were 2 labels attached since the original is in such good shape. Sometimes you will see the manufacturers label, plus a 2nd importers label. Yours looks to be just an importers label.

    Regardless, since Mandruzzato's works are easily identifiable, I don't think it would make a huge difference.

    BTW, Mandruzzato is still in business.
    Charlie--- Fossilfly Imports
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    Many thanks Charlie, much appreciated
    Best, Danny

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