View Full Version : opaline? clamshell vase who dun it?

09-06-2007, 10:53 PM

I have this gorgeous clamshell vase, it is either blue or green opalescent. and it is very hard to decide exactly which color it is cause it looks diff in diff lines.I'm not even sure you would call it opaline...it is not cased like most of the clamshell vases i have seen this is just a beautiful colored opal piece

It has been suggested that it is nason or seguso

The label on the bottom, i fooled with the color and contrast trying to make it readable and all I could get out of it was venetian

The label is really a red and gold label.

I think this gorgeous clamshell vase is really neat and am curious about the price and who I should attribute it to?

Thanks in advance for the help

ebay ID Kasi