Vetri Murano numbers

Crossposting from the Forums, we are pleased to announce that Promovetro, the current Murano Glass Consortium ( and successor to the Vietri Murano (VM) program, shared a list of Vetri Murano numbers that they have compiled.

For  readers who are not collectors of vintage Murano glass, Vietri  Murano used a clear plastic label with a specific numbering sequence to identify which member company on the island made a particular piece of glass, to prevent counterfeiting.  Vietri  Murano eventually closed, taking with it all of their documentation and records.  Today, the VM label is a reliable way of identifying vintage glass, but there has been discussion over the years on which number belongs to which company.  Members of the forum have taken the time to research many of the numbers, but holes remained. The information provided by Promovetro will help collectors worldwide.

Below is an example of a Vietri Murano label.

The forum thread about the Vietri Murano numbers is here and the  Murano Label Library has many other labels and signatures.