Tornado in Venice?!

An amazing Video from the Daily Telegraph, showing a tornado in Venice, luckily no one was injured.
The embedded video is in the link below.

The tornado roared through Sant’Erasmo island in Venice’s lagoon on Tuesday, ripping the roofs off at least 12 buildings, media reports said.

A funnel cloud was clearly visible from the centre of the town and from its canals, Youreporter and Venice Municipality video showed.

The tornado caused major damage in several islands off the Venice lagoon, including Sant’Elena and Certosa islands, where many trees were uprooted, reports said.

Dozens of small sailing ships were smashed in the port of Sant’Elena.

No injuries were reported, the Municipality of Venice said.

Vintage Murano Glass Auction – June 9th 2012

From the NY Times:…ne-9.html?_r=1

Frank Toskan, a founder of MAC Cosmetics, spent about two decades amassing his collection of Murano art glass, and on June 9, Wright in Chicago will auction it off.

“It really spans the entire 20th century, right up to some contemporary pieces,” said Richard Wright, the owner of the auction house. “It has a few super-rare, high-flying lots, but also a really uniform quality. They’re perfectly executed, or rare colors, or better than average examples the entire way through.”

The auction will offer more than 150 pieces, including an orange and green intarsio vase by Ercole Barovier for Barovier & Toso from 1963 (estimate: $15,000 to $20,000), left, and a blue rilievi vase by Carlo Scarpa for Venini from 1935 (estimate: $30,000 to $40,000).

Information: (312) 563-0020 or